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Lawn Service & Mowing

Your lawn is arguably the most important part of your backyard. For most people, it is the biggest, most obvious, and therefore, most influential part of the entire landscape. When you have a verdant grass installation, it simply brings out the best in everything around it. It complements your home much better and gives a richer, healthier look to the space as a whole. So, it is in everybody’s best interests to apply the highest levels of lawn care to their grass, by seeking out their local lawn specialists. Luckily for you, if you live in the town of Pewaukee, WI, you need not look any further. That is because, at Pewaukee Lawn & Landscaping, we can always promise you the highest caliber grass services. Just give us a call and let us know what it is that you need, and we would be glad to deliver it. 

Lawn Mowing 

Lawn mowing is the most essential lawn maintenance service you are going to need over time. No backyard can look its best when it is filled with wild, overgrown grass. So, you need to keep it neatly trimmed and under control at all times. That is what we can help you do by using our specialist range of lawn mowing tools. In just a matter of time, we carve through any neglected lawn and get it back to its freshest best, with more room to grow back stronger in the future. 

Aesthetic Lawn Mowing 

On the other hand, if you would like to achieve more than just a functional mow, perhaps our aesthetic lawn cutting services would be better suited. Everybody knows just how effective it can be to create patterns within your lawn and we have seen the transformative difference it can make for our clients, firsthand. And we would be honored to realize the same for you. We curate preferential patterns for every customer and even take our trimming down to the finest details, such as edge trimming around your flowerbeds and gardens. So, tell us what you think could make your grass look its best and leave the rest to our team of specialists.

Seeding, Aeration & Fertilization 

Additionally, we can assist you with the healthcare and maintenance solutions that are going to help your lawn stay well for the longest time. For a full, vibrant, and tough grass installation, you need to apply such services as seeding, soil aeration, and fertilization. They aid better, thicker growth in any lawn and assure you of maximum longevity. Simply allow us to provide them in line with our expert techniques and we can guarantee to help you get the most from them. 

Weed, Moss & Fungi Treatments 

Just as much so, we can help you protect from any invasive plants and organisms, which may cause negatively affect your lawn. You can count on us to help you rid yourself of weeds, moss, and fungi, each of which has been known to indiscriminately cause harm to turf. Just let us know which ones are causing you an issue and we will be there with a permanent remedy.

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